BUTTONHOLER Attachment w CAMS for Low Shank Sewing Machines Side and Top Clamp+


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Gold Greist Buttonholer attachment made for low shank sewing machines, including side clamping such as – Singer, White, Brother, Morse, Atlas, Kenmore, Domestic, Free Westinghouse, and most all imported straight stitch sewing machines. It also fits top clamping machines such as White, Kenmore, Domestic, Majestic, Franklin, Worlds, Dressmaster, and all rotary machines made by White and Domestic, Free Rotary, New Home Rotary, Stratford, and most all machines made by Free and New Home, Eldredge, Montgomery Ward, National, and all machines made by the National Sewing Machine Company. This buttonholer comes with 5 buttonhole template cams, attachment screw, feed cover plate with screw, instruction booklet, and the original box. This attachment makes making buttonholes easy – the cams load into the bottom of the attachment. Please feel free to make an offer and ask if you have any questions.

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